Authentic Hawaiian Cultural Experience

History in Lahaina Tour

Get an authentic Hawaiian cultural experience as you explore Lāhainā's rich history off the beaten path with Native Hawaiian kumu (guides) who make the history of Maui and culture of Hawai‘i come alive in chants and stories ... live the aloha!

During this 2-hour walking adventure visiting ten sites, you'll journey back in time from the arrival of the first Polynesians to the site of the royal complex at Moku‘ula, crossing the village of Lele (Lāhainā) through the ages. Discover places from old Hawai‘i to the Missionary and Whaling periods, and through the Monarchy and Plantation eras as you listen to chants and lore handed down through generations.

Enjoy the delights of fresh tropical fruit at Take Home Maui during a refreshment stop. After the tour, you can satisfy your hunger with a savory lunch at one of Maui's finest restaurants, Pacific'O on the beach, Lahaina's only produce self-sufficient restaurant. ($37.50/person inclusive lunch option)

We welcome all ages from students to senior citizens, and can accommodate people with disabilities.

Tour prices: $45/adult and $22/child

"I learned more on this tour that all the others combined"
~ Larry from North Carolina
"Loved the sacred nature of this tour. The chanting, the birthing stone, the restoration project... so well done."
~ Judy from Australia
"The only tour we have been on with details of Hawaiian History & Culture."
~ Frank from California
"Loved the history. I like that it is off the beaten path."
~ Mary from Georgia
"This was such an eye opening experience to the 'true' Maui... loved it!"
~ Kathy from Texas
"Really loved the history. The speaker was warm and wonderful. Loved the chants and tradition."
~ Shelley from England

HTA Recognition Awards

Keep it Hawai‘i Recognition Award 2002 & 2007: Kāhili Award
For educational programs directed at the significant cultural areas of Maui, specifically Moku‘ula at Lāhainā, once home to the high chiefs of Maui.

Keep it Hawai‘i Recognition Award 2009   Ka‘I‘imi ‘ike Program, which pairs Maui Nei tours with archaeological field school activities at the Moku‘ula site.

Take Home Maui