Maui Nei kumu chanting in Lahaina

Connect history and culture through Native Hawaiian eyes in real life stories, legends, Hawaiian chants and traditional art activities.

The king's view from Mokuula island

Learn about life in old Hawai‘i and try its cultural arts and skills. Discover the storied realm of Hawai‘i’s cultural heritage site: Moku‘ula Island and Mokuhinia Pond.

Wainee Church and Kauaula Valley

Explore Lahaina’s colorful past and Ka‘anapali’s storied lore from Pre-contact to the Missionary and Whaling days through the Hawaiian Monarchy and Plantation eras.

“It was more than good, it was one of the very best tours I’ve ever been on in travels to 48 of the 50 states and nearly 100 countries.”
Jerome from Maryland
“We found this to be one of the highlights of our trip, a truly great experience and one of a kind on Maui!”
Don and Cara from Washington
“Forget Michener — get the real story with a Maui Nei walking tour — it’s a multi-sensory experience!”
Ben from Oregon
If you want to learn anything at all about the history, culture or anything else about the Hawaiian people, then you absolutely MUST take this tour in Lahaina!”
Riff from California
“Our guide was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and eager to share the ‘aloha’ that stems from celebrating Lahaina’s cultural and spiritual history.”
James from North Carolina
“A great, authentic look into the traditions and history that lie underneath everything in Lahaina. Our guide was very knowledgable and presented a unique native perspective that really made our visit.”
Xavid from Massachusetts
“If you enjoy learning about the history and culture of places that you visit, this tour is a must!”
Doug from Canada
“This tour is highly recommended to those who are into history, but also to tourists wishing to understand more about the rich Hawaiian culture. We had a wonderful time.”
Marco and Laura from Italy
Hawaii tourism authority

Keep It Hawai‘i Kahili Award 2002 & 2007

for Maui Nei educational tours in the significant cultural areas of Maui and specifically at Moku‘ula in Lahaina.

Keep It Hawai‘i Recognition Award 2009

for Ka ‘I‘imi ‘Ike educational program, pairing Maui Nei tours with archaeological field school activities at the Moku‘ula restoration site.