Lahaina Heritage Museum

Your orientation about Lahaina begins upstairs in Old Lahaina Courthouse. Lahaina Heritage Museum offers a concise, comprehensive look at Lahaina’s colorful history. The Old Courthouse from its opening in 1860 served as a customs house for whaling and trade ships as well as a center of government offices and court functions for more than 100 [...]

Pohaku Hauola (Hauola Stone)

Renowned for its healing properties where fresh and salt water mix, the Hauola Stone has been in place for centuries. In old Hawai‘i, it was used as a birthing site for the highest ranking and most sacred ali‘i mo‘i (high chiefs).

Apuakehau, the King’s Taro Patch

A large lo‘i kalo (taro patch) was cultivated in this area by Kamehameha I and his entourage who encamped in Lahaina between 1802-1803. His sons, Kamehameha II as a little boy and Kamehameha III as a young man, worked the lo‘i to demonstrate the dignity of labor. It was still visible in the mid-20th century.

Baldwin Home Museum – Missionary Compound

The Baldwin Home is recognized as the oldest house still standing on Maui. It was originally built by Reverend Ephraim Spaulding in what was referred to as the “missionary compound” and became the home of Lahaina’s most famous medical missionary, Reverend Dwight Baldwin. Next door is the Masters’ Reading Room, which was completed in 1834.

Plantation House

We stop for refreshments in one of Lahaina’s traditional plantation era houses to sample fresh Maui-grown pineapple and visit with our neighbors from Take Home Maui.

Hale Pa‘ahao – Old Lahaina Prison

Hale Pa‘ahao (stuck-in-irons house) was Lahaina’s jail at the peak of the whaling era. The surrounding wall, several feet thick, was built in 1853 of stone coral blocks razed from the old fort. A wooden gatehouse was where the warden lived and today opens into a botanical garden.

Moku‘ula Island & Mokuhinia Pond

The covered island of Moku‘ula and surrounding freshwater pond of Mokuhinia is Hawai‘i’s paramount cultural site and is under restoration. Moku‘ula was the royal residence of Maui’s high chiefs since the 16th century, and where Kamehameha III ruled the Kingdom of Hawai‘i until 1845. Mokuhinia was guarded by mo‘o goddess, Kihawahine.

Hale Halawai

This thatched Hawaiian hale halawai (meeting house) was built in the indigenous architectural style of Hawai‘i by a master hale builder from Hana and students from all over Maui. It’s located in a beachfront park where Hawaiian royalty used to feast and relax when Lahaina was called malu ‘ulu o Lele (the breadfruit grove of [...]

Keka‘a Village & Landing Pier

Your scenic adventure in Ka‘anapali begins at the site where the 15th century village of Keka‘a once thrived from the mountain slopes to the sea. On the oceanside, the early 20th century Keka‘a Landing Pier once supplied the sugar plantation with goods and from there sugarcane harvested from the fields was shipped to the USA [...]

Koko O Na Moku Battle & Racetrack

Explore legends and local lore about Hawaiian mysteries, historic feats and everyday life as it thrived before the Ka‘anapali resorts were built. You’ll visit places where warrior chiefs battled for supremacy across the land, known as Koko O Na Moku (blood of the islands), and where a popular horse racetrack was located among kiawe trees [...]