Get ready to live the aloha …

On our two-hour walking adventure, explore Lahaina’s rich history off the beaten path with Native Hawaiian kumu (teacher-guides) who make Maui’s history and Hawaiian culture come alive in chants and stories. Visiting significant sites, you’ll journey back in time and cross the village of Lele (Lahaina) through the ages. Discover places from old Hawai‘i to the Missionary and Whaling times through the Monarchy and Plantation eras.

On our three-hour cultural arts immersion program, journey back in time to the days before western contact and learn about a traditional way of life at Lahaina’s revered places. Immerse yourself in real life Hawaiian culture with three hands-on art experiences. Discover Old Hawai‘i and come away with highly valued knowledge about a sustainable way of living, indigenous arts and the hidden side of Lahaina.

Our kumu offer personalized and authentic Hawaiian cultural experiences.  Tours begin at Old Lahaina Courthouse, 648 Wharf Street (between Banyan Tree Park and Lahaina Harbor) and end near the Moku‘ula restoration site at Kamehameha Iki Park, 525 Front Street in Lahaina.

For your convenience at the end of the tour, we invite you to park in the open-air Moku‘ula parking lot on the corner of Shaw and Front Streets in Lahaina. From there, it’s a short walk north on Front Street to Banyan Tree Park and the Courthouse.

Historic Site Highlights